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Young Security, Inc.

Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

About us

At Young Security, Inc., we are committed to providing our clients the highest level of service and the best possible outcomes. We take the time to develop a close relationship and understand each client’s unique cybersecurity needs. We pride ourselves on prompt, clear, and efficient communication. We always strive to deliver creative, practical solutions to our client’s cybersecurity issues.

We have over 20 years of experience providing exceptional cybersecurity services to individuals and businesses. We offer a range of security, network, and infrastructure operations, application security, application performance monitoring, cybersecurity, and information assurance services.

Cybersecurity consulting is more than giving advice; it is about transparency, training, and technology. Young Security, Inc. provides honest guidance on issuing an Information Assurance regime for an organization to protect their information assets, data, and systems on which the data is stored, processed, and transmitted. We succeed by assessing threats to information systems, analyzing the vulnerabilities that those threats might exploit, understanding the impact of identified risks, and applying technical and non-technical countermeasures to reduce those risks to an acceptable level for the business.

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Ransomware Protection and Mitigation

At Young Security, Inc., we have a friendly and approachable team of cybersecurity professionals who will guide you through the process of protecting and mitigating ransomware resulting from all sorts of circumstances.

Security Awareness Training

We represent individuals, families, and businesses who require guidance through the complexities of cybersecurity. We assist with security awareness training that is measurable and garners results.

Security Operations and Compliance

Our expertise is in all areas of cybersecurity and information assurance. We provide our clients with expert security operations and compliance consultation in every situation.

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